4 Things I Wish I Knew About Liking Tweets

Everybody appreciates constant engagement on their tweets, but no one told me that liking other people’s tweets can actually work in my favor.


Joining Twitter back in January 2017, I had a difficult time growing my network of 500+ within my first month of being on Twitter because I didn’t engage enough. The reason being is in part I just didn’t feel like it, and Twitter can move as fast as a krunk city. But after while I realized that in the midst of me genuinely engaging more and more, I’d receive reciprocity worth popping a bottle over.

Let these four things influence your decision of whether or not you engage more with the content your network of followers share on Twitter, and even on other social media channels.

1.  Show your network that you’re not inactive

Professional marketers like Shreeja Jamdar Abhishek Madhavan understand how useful Crowdfire can be for keeping an active and interested network. To guarantee you’re networking with people who (1) you’d speak to when they enter the room, and (2) who can help you achieve your brand or business goals.

To that end, engaging with your active network makes it apparent that your followers didn’t make the wrong decision by following you. Whether you’re retweeting positive and relevant-your-field content, or actually creating posts that people want to retweet, showing your network that you’re not inactive and interested is key.

2. Actually liking tweets serves many purposes

To be honest, I like tweets for many reasons. I like tweets that I want to come back to and read later. I like tweets that I love in the moment, and that I want to report as spam. Oh, yes, I report spammers.

To put it briefly, you can like tweets all day for the sole purpose of “bookmarking” good content to revisit, and your personal brand is only getting stronger and stronger. Especially if you’re retweeting & engaging to content you have a connection with in the moment.

3.  Get the attention of someone you want to interact with

When using social media, everything you do affects your brand. So, interacting with and influencing into your network esteemed and influential people is ideal. One way to go about this would be to stop by their profile and like some of their content. Click their links, read their posts. Retweet what you like. Spend time on their page so they’ll recognize your name. Follow if you’re certain they’ll support your brand or business goals as well. When they notice your unique handle owning their notifications, they’ll have no choice but to check you out.

With this in mind, I’ll mention a recent example. A few weeks ago, I gained more engagement on my tweets versus the normal 10-15 new followers every other day. I’ll attribute this to engaging more online. Spending time researching authors of articles prior to retweeting to tag, compliment or inquire. Or, simply just making conversation with the people I chose to follow.

4. You’ll have a shot at making someone else feel good

People like when you make them feel good. It’s the same way online. Genuinely engage with them digitally, and in the way that your brand suggests it will, and watch people flock to you. Assuming the content you provide is good, of course.

Recently, I retweeted some inspiration from Bruce Van Horn, a Best Selling Author, and Creative Thought Leader, because it was super eye-opening.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.17.29 PM

Although it may have different meanings for different people, for me it meant that I should not only engage more with people online who are thought leaders in my field, but I also need to add memorable substance to those interactions.

One way of my surefire methods of doing so is engaging in tweets that are interesting and relevant, so I can share and show the deserved reverence and interest.

To be brief,

I’ll reiterate how engaging more with your active network can work in your favor. Sure, it can be a bit of a manual process if you can’t invest in subscriptions for tools like Crowdfire, Hootsuite, and Mass Planner at the moment. Luckily, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

In the beginning, I didn’t spend much money on marketing myself digitally. I’ve used Facebook and Twitter Ads before, and those services were free because I worked on assignment for a while at Facebook Austin. I also bought few followers for Instagram through the App Store but those were wack so I disassociated myself with that buy.

Investing in digital branding and engaging more with key thought leaders is ideal. There are many free trials to some of the services above to start with. So, get to socializing.

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