Why I Write What’s On My Mind, and Maybe You Should Too

Becoming a better writer can be as simple as 1-2-3 if you heed these 3 reasons why I started being myself when I write.

Be yourself

Emerging professionals & writers often find it difficult to find their voice when in larger mediums like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Some think that reading all kinds of books and acquiring more education is best. Although this definitely can help, I found that being yourself when writing can also do the trick.

As a young writer, I had to stop reading established writers’ work and comparing myself to them. Instead, I looked within myself and began to listen to the little voice that kept chirping. The voice that knows a lot, my nerves would get the best of me and second-guess that little voice to death. Oh yes, to death.

Young writers, let these three reasons be your reasons for listening to yourself more as you write. You know what to say, so say it.

1. People like approachable

As the world becomes more technologically driven, I’m noticing how people’s desire for information, appreciation, and respect is expressed across the various social media channels. If you can write to your readers as if you were having a conversation with them in person, don’t you think they’d come back to have a second conversation with you?

For example, I watch a lot of Lee Daniels’ work because he writes in a way that can hit home for me. As a writer, I appreciate that because that’s what I aim for, to get on a profound level with my readers so they’ll trust and return for more.

Another would be Jeff Barrett. As a writer for Inc Magazine, he’s helping pave the way for young professionals regarding having a voice in the larger business & digital marketing conversation. He and many other thought leaders are making it apparent that being yourself while providing relevant information to the network that follows you is a cool move.

2. More opportunities will come your way

Before working in digital marketing, I worked in customer service. Upper-management would often applaud my writing skills when backlogging any work that I’ve done over a period of time. Why? Because I communicated with customers as I would’ve if they were right there in front of me, and management appreciated my sincerity there.

To illustrate further, I’ll use my contract role at Facebook in both policy and client services. The team lead in both departments appreciated my genuine and human responses to client inquiries, so they requested that I handle particular queues of inquiries. These queues were more demanding, but I know they noticed and appreciated the personal interaction.

Can you imagine what your readers would feel if you gave them that experience?

3. You build a stronger personal brand

Let’s face it, all that we do either builds or chips away at our personal brand. Why not use your words to build a strong one? People already love following fads, so why not be a positive one who educates and influences.

In the past, I worked a student staff position in which I was responsible for designing the layout of and editing the submissions for the monthly newsletter at Huston-Tillotson University. In this role, I had to collaborate with a few important people in public relations. When edits needed to be finalized, communication between myself and public relations specialists needed to happen. However, that communication was sour and uninviting.

Then, as a fledgling writer I definitely needed assistance from an experienced someone, but in every response, it was apparent that I was too unlearned to even be in my student staff role.

Do you see how that particular personal brand has been affected so much that I remember it today, and am telling you about it now?

Bringing it all together

For me, becoming a better writer is always the mission and I trust that’s your mission no matter the level of profession you’re currently in.

It is okay to ask questions and to research what your competitors are up to. Just don’t be identical; you have to find a way to combine the relevant content of world in addition to your own experiences so that you can connect people to the truth. Not fake news.

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