The Quickest & Easiest Way to Become the Smartest Marketer in the Room




the big nugget is here, and there are only 10 days left until the close of open enrollment

Oh my gosh, what is he talking about? 

I’m talking about DigitalMarketer’s new Digital Marketing Mastery Intensive. This would be great for you if you want to become the smartest digital marketer in the room, and quick!

Allow me to explain what DigitalMarketer’s new training class is and what it can do for your business.

What is DigitalMarketer’s Mastery Intensive?

Digital Marketing Mastery is essentially a virtual learning management system that allows for about 25 attendees to learn all current digital marketing disciplines. It is great because like DigitalMarketer HQ, each unit is taught by experts in the industry.  Classes will be small and intimate, and you’ll be able to have an open line of communication with your instructor to ensure you get the best experience possible.

What I appreciate about Mastery Intensive is throughout the training you will have multiple quizzes and mini-projects just as you would in school. This is because a true classroom environment is being established.

Even more, to be sure you’re retaining the information and will become the smartest marketer in the room, DigitalMarketer will require you participate in classroom discussions throughout the 12-week term.

Awesome, huh?

In the end, if participation and grades on assignments meet requirements, you’ll surely pass the final exam, making you a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP).

Who Would Marketing Intensive Be Great for?

Continued education is always ideal, especially in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. That said, I know the following folks would highly benefit from joining the next Mastery Intensive class. If not the next, maybe the one after!

Digital Marketing Professional looking for that extra edge in the industry. I’ll tell you, this it. DigitalMarketer is only getting bigger and better, so getting certification from a promising and ever-changing company would be super fitting.

Traditional Marketing Professional looking to refresh their skills should join the Mastery Intensive class. Why? You’ll definitely refresh your skills, and then some! And, trust me you won’t regret it. If you’re not ready for an intense training just yet. DigitalMarketer can start you off with a free trial.

Start Up looking for fresh and lasting ways of acquiring customers, an agency looking to expand their services, or a student wanting to be a valuable and relevant asset to a relevant organization.

How Much Does it Cost?

Good question.

If paid upfront, the Mastery Intensive schooling would cost 4950.00. However, there is a payment play for individuals who don’t want to give up that arm and leg just yet.

If paid over a 12 month period, it will be 495.00 per month, but 5940.00 total. So you’ve got some deciding to do there. If you select this payment option, like any other payment plan, when you’ve been crowned CDMP you’ll have to continue the payment play until paid in full.

How Does it Work?

Each Tuesday, you’ll receive access to the 4-6 hour streaming video lessons for the particular unit you are in. If you don’t receive your link, you want to reach out to customer care in a hurry so you can get that access!

You’ll have one week to complete your assignments given on Tuesday. So on Monday of the following week, if you haven’t completed all of the streaming video lessons and corresponding exams then you won’t receive certification for that week. If you do, then each week your rewarded certification and badge will be added to your profile.

Does Mastery Intensive Offer Office Hours?


Students benefit so much from office hours.

Thursdays are when you and your instructor can sit, virtually, and work together to get all of your questions answered regarding that particular unit. In this session, you could receive additional instruction from your instructor that could catapult you to the success you have been really desiring. So, I’d recommend taking advantage of office hours session.

Final Project & Certification

After successful completion of all 8 units and exams, you will have no problem completing the final project and passing the final exam. Your instructor will be evaluating your performance and participation over the course of the 12 weeks and will determine if you’re eligible for the ultimate certification of CDMP.

For more information about joining the upcoming class, please visit DigitalMarketer.

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