The Sooner You Unfollow Celebrities The Better

Let’s face it…

We all love to see our “Followers” number grow on Twitter, and we love to see how many people engage with our content on our social media channels. However, are we really getting the most out of our content and followers?


In the past month, I reached just over 3,000 followers on Twitter. Wait, wait, wait now. I know some of you might furrow your brow at that number and consider it to be low, but to me that’s huge. When I started my Twitter account in January 2017 I: (1) lazily didn’t really concern myself with networking properly, and (2) only had 500 followers that found me from other social media channels and email lists.

I knew managing my social networks would be a manual process, despite the many resources available to make it easier and faster.

To be quite honest, I fell into the trap that a lot of people do when they initiate their Twitter account. Whether it is for business or personal use, Twitter will always recommend you follow a certain amount and type of people to get you going.

That’s not necessarily true. 

Let me tell you why.

Following a ton of people from the beginning is fine and dandy, but can also cause you to build a network of people that aren’t expanding your brand

If you take Twitter’s advice and follow your favorite celebrities just because they’re popular and could possibly take you to new levels could mean detriment to your actual business and brand goals.

Just think. Why would you want to share and retweet their content when you’re not getting anything in return. When they’re not doing the same for you. Just like in human personal relationships.

When you become friends with someone, you do support each other. You should follow people who support you. And, unfollow people who don’t.

Being a fan and trending topics follower doesn’t necessarily make you the expert but a bandwagon rider

Don’t get me wrong, using trending hashtags and keeping part of the larger relevant conversation is ideal. However, if you want to grow your follower list with people who actually matter to your brand (i.e. key influencers, people you want to sell to, people you want to collaborate with, etc.) then it is recommended that you seek those particular people out to follow versus celebrities.

So, here’s what I did.

Using Crowdfire, I located the list of handles that are not active on Twitter. In Crowdfire, this is called “Inactive Following.” You don’t want to waste time following people who are not active. It can be a little hard to unfollow certain inactive people in your network, but if you want to make space for active and relevant followers, then this is something that you should consider.

It can be a little hard to unfollow certain inactive people in your network, but if you want to make space for active and relevant followers, then this is something that you should consider.

The people that I no longer follow, sorry not sorry.

After making some changes to my Inactive Following list, I freed space for new followers to be added to my network. Why is this a great thing?

  1. I get to search Twitter and add key influencers to my network
  2. I get to see more tweets by more of my network
  3. I get to follow more people who aren’t following me back 

Now that I’ve got additional space to add relevant followers to my network, I’ll do just that by copying followers from accounts that are similar to mine. What do I mean by similar?

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.44.42 PM

Accounts that:

  1. Use similar keywords in their bio
  2. Are located within my area
  3. Are interested in, or have experience in my interests or what my company/brand is selling

To bring this all together

I’ll share a few good tools to use when editing your social media channel networks:

Crowdfire, Statusbrew, Hootsuite, and Cision. You can find a good list here.

In the end, you can follow who you’d like, but you might consider following people who will also promote your brand and help you achieve your goals in some form or fashion.



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