Who Else Wants to Become A Social & Community Manager?

A successful business knows how to adapt to the customer’s reasonable needs & wants, and swiftly too.


It’s no doubt how businesses are booming in this evolving scene in social media marketing. So professional marketers and entrepreneurs, why not get the training needed to acknowledge the way consumers are expressing their true opinions about your company?

I’ll tell you how easily to become a Certified Social & Community Manager so you can be versed in social listening, social influencing, social networking and social selling and be able to have a good handle on the community your business is creating.

What is a Social & Community Manager?

When you join the DigitalMarketer HQ training library on either a monthly or annual membership, you can take a course to become a Certified Social & Community Manager. In doing so, you’ll learn to assess business goals and employ sound social media marketing practices to meet those goals.

Why Getting Certified Should Be Your Next Cool Move

Marketing Professionals

As a marketing professional, earning this certification from DigitalMarketer is certainly a win because it is a physical way to prove that you know what you’re talking about as it relates to digital marketing. And because you’ll be credible, you’ll be able to increase your client list.


Students should enroll in DigitalMarketer HQ and take this course, or at least enroll in the course individually so they can stand out from their peers who only have a business degree. Nowadays, we all know it is competitive to luck up on a job right out of college. Having a certification from a prestigious e-learning company in the field you plan on having a successful career in would be ideal.


Business owners, I’m encouraging you to jump on this opportunity because understanding & leveraging your social media channels to monetize the value you already have can (1) save you time and money to then put elsewhere, and (2) be a really good training tool for the team that manages your social and community communication efforts.


Employees, this is your chance to get that promotion you’ve been hustling for. If you’re working for a company that appears to have a glass ceiling, this just might be the way to burst right through it with a certification fist. Be sure to make yourself and knowledge available while studying your certification, so that the promotion could be waiting for you upon completion.

This Works Super Easily

The great thing about DigitalMarketer’s mastery course is that it is online and you don’t have to rush anywhere to become a Certified Social & Community Manager.

woman working in bed

If you’re anything like anyone, being in the bed is kind of comfy. So, DigitalMarketer makes it easy for you to obtain your certification from the comfort of your own home. When I completed my certifications, of course, I completed most of them while sitting behind a desk. I encourage the same so maximum attention will be paid to the course.

How long is this course, though?

I’ve taken the Social & Community Manager Mastery class and the course is not too long. Honestly. You won’t be taking a course for 10 weeks, like an online graduate course at Southern New Hampshire University. Luckily, you can essentially complete this course at your own pace.

Once you get started you’ll notice that the Social & Community Mastery class is an advanced, 5- module, 62- lesson online course. At the end of each module, to test your memory and to see if you’re paying attention, you’ll have to take a knowledge check. Remember those questions, because some of them may reappear in the final exam after the last module that will certify you as a Social & Community Manager.



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