Planning to increase offer awareness, grow your retargeting lists, increase engagement, grow website traffic or achieve any other specific business or brand goal using Facebook Ads? Well, I’ve got 5 tips to help you avoid issues on the Facebook Ad platform

Credit: Technologyguru, YouTube

More than 70% of brands use Facebook for brand awareness. This means that if you’re currently present on Facebook, you can be monetizing your content and continuing to build your brand. Implement these tips so that you ensure you’re using Facebook Advertising effectively, and abiding by advertising guidelines.

1. Make sure you know your objective

When you’re getting started with Facebook ads, it can seem a little overwhelming if you’re not quite tech-savvy or accustomed to managing their own campaigns. The good news is that ad creation is user-friendly, even so, that marketing specialists can run campaigns for clients and then teach them about the mechanics and end results of the campaign.

That said, although Facebook ads are easy to use, it is even easier to tumble downhill without the best goal in mind. What’s your goal?

An objective is necessary in order to lead the ship. Although some try to lead with the budget, but we can get into that later.

Learn all about Facebook Ad Objectives by visiting their Help Center. Be sure to have a solid objective, because you can’t change this once it has been selected.

2. Understand that Facebook Advertising doesn’t guarantee results

Unless your goal is to increase brand awareness, then sure, they’ll deliver on that 9 times out of 10.

Facebook won’t promise you results because it is up to you to create the ad that will turn out the results you desire. And, even when you submit that ad for approval and it is delivered to your target audience, let’s hope that those people actually take the desired action.

I’ve seen a few advertisers who created ads with Facebook that weren’t so successful. Why? Because they didn’t do one or all of the following:

  1. Choose the right objective
  2. Set the right budget
  3. Select a detailed audience
  4. Use an appealing image
  5. Use brevity

3. Take advantage of Facebook’s Help Center & Other Business Tools

The Help Center that Facebook keeps updated is very useful for beginner advertisers and even advertisers who have been in the game for a while. When I worked as a contractor at Facebook I used the Help Center as a tool when finding solutions for SMB advertisers.

You too can benefit from this tool. Type the question you have, or search keywords. Me? I ask entire questions so I can find out if somebody else is just as lost as I am.

The Help Center has it all. If it doesn’t, you can submit a question to the Community Forum and wait for a quick response in your Support Inbox.

Moreover, Facebook has more promotional tools to use for increasing offer awareness and lead generation. You can create a Page and then boost your posts. Keep in mind that you can’t boost your posts without having a Page; however, you can create an ad without a Page. With that Page, you can boost events and you can create ads to send people to your website for conversions.

4. Know your audience

This is key for any campaign anywhere.

You what you’re selling, so it’ll be even better to know who your selling to.

Download your customer avatar worksheet, DigitalMarketer proved this to be the best way to identify your audience per core offer. Use this worksheet so you can define who your ideal customer is.

5. Be Patient & Open to Split Testing

As mentioned before, results are not guaranteed. So, the best practice here would be to exercise patience and understanding when your campaigns are not receiving the impressions or reach you desire or expect.

If you are getting antsy and need to see results, like now, then I encourage you to try some split testing. When you split test you’ll be able to identify what aspects of your ad works best so that you can improve them.

In a split test, you would be able to test how well the same ad works for different audiences. This way, if you wanted to see if John would buy the same shampoo that Candice did, you’ll know way before you spend time and money trying to shove John down the conversion funnel.

With determination and patience, I know Facebook advertisers will see the results the desire. It does take the understanding of people, and that they will take the desired action when their pain points are hit and when they’re presented with the solutions to them.